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Travel over 8 hours to access care

Over the 4 years of meeting stakeholders in the Colombian healthcare system, we heard that on countless occasions, that people with a disability in rural areas have little access to an orthopaedic device. Like for instance Madelen you see on the photo. She was born with spina bifida, in a small village called Mutatá. Every time needs to visit an orthopedic care center, she needs to travel at least 8 hours. Although there is a healthcare system in place that covers the majority of the population, a part of the Colombians are denied care because of the shortage of orthopedic centers in rural areas and secondary cities, and because of informal and formal bureaucratic barriers.

Increased costs

As a result, people have to endure long travel times and increased costs. The first months after receiving an orthopedic device, frequent visits to the clinic are essential to ensure correct fitting and that the patient has adapted well. Unfortunately, for many people with a disability this time, money and energy to travel for regular visits is not feasible, which can lead to device abandonment. This has an impact on their physical, social, economic and emotional wellbeing.

Worldwide, only 5% has access

It is not only a problem in Colombia; the WHO estimates that 40 million people in upcoming economies have a need for prosthetics, orthotics, mobility devices and rehabilitation services. Only 5% has proper access to these services, and the need for orthopedic care is growing due to non-communicable diseases, traffic accidents, natural disasters and conflict. This is why carewithinreach has chosen to address this significant gap in the delivery of secondary orthopedic care across Colombia.

carewithinreach aims to improve people’s quality of life

The work carewithinreach, together with the network of orthopedic care centers, does is so important; we are able to vastly improve people’s quality of life by helping them get back on their feet and be part of society again.

To give you an idea:

For €250 we create an orthosis.For €375 we provide a wheelchair.For €850 we create a prosthesis.

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